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Logistics Professional

Greetings, and welcome to D&D Trucking.

We're delighted that you've considered making us a part of your operation. Our Principles are many but there is one we stand on.

We are committed to the truth, our focus is to exceed your company needs, we will do everything we can to answer your question, and keep you informed about our company's progress,we're seasoned professionals we've worked with associations in a number of industries our working knowledge i logistics using cutting edge technology, and innovative solutions helps us to save our customers time, and money, this working habit gives us the awareness that your as our valued client will need absolute data to make your decision to move your inventory, this behavior allows us to assist you in reducing turn-time between you, and D&D Turcking.

Curtis Ross. General manager

e-mail. me
Historic Charleston SC, USA
843-746-9666 phone, 843-746-8918 fax

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