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Companies with an installment agreement wit the IRS, this installment note with the IRS if it is current there is no problem with funding. WE will work with the IRS assuring that payment well be on time.

NOTE: the IRS will often discharge liens for a small fraction for what is owed if they can get immediate cash now, if you have, or can produce a large book of receivables this can be a excellent time for you to propose " an offer in compromise" to the IRS, this can cut your tax liability by a significant amount which relieves the business of that out flow of money each month. This can be a tremendous help.

We have funding for companies that do not have an IRS problem.


Our funding source is not reflected on the balance sheet as a debt or liability, a stronger cash position is reflected, and your business may be able to get additional bank financing credit protection, and a better credit rating, all of which are important elements to your company's financial success.

Curtis Ross

Historic Charleston South Carolina
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company owners please copy, and fax us back your information for invoice financing