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Do you agree that the longer you have your funds tied up in a particular property in foreclosure the more costly it becomes? Your life is on hold you are in foreclosure there is no way you can afford to keep up with the payments or you do not have the money to reinstate the mortgage. The bank will not work something out to save your property. an acution on your property will prevent you from realizing your equity out of the property and moving on with your life, your future and peace of mind.

 Some folks because of circumstances absolutely need to sell fast I understand that, as a mortgage broker, my answer to that is use purchase money mortgage financing for a pre-foreclosure sale by doing this you will save your credit and you may put some cash in your pocket, this is better than loosing your property by auction and giving your money (equity )to some other person. Now is the time to think of your property as an investment that has gone bad. Get your money out and RUN!.

 Sell your property in weeks not months
walk away with better credit and cash!!

The financing system I work with attracts so many buyers in the market place who assume that they can not finance a property. My financing technique do not require or beckon for a qualified type buyer to come along now sell VERY FAST often in a matter of weeks not months


Using purchase money financing gives me the ability to make a deal right on the spot instead of waiting out a period of time for the buyer to get qualified.

 There are numerous benefits for a property seller utilizing the power of offering purchase money financing to market their home or property.   

 There are loan points or fees that will come out of the equity of the home.   

Limited closing expenses, which can be negotiated into the sales contract with the buyer.

 A FAST closing is VERY feasible with numerous buyers wanting the property.


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