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Small Commercial Loans
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In many situations commercial loans don't fit into traditional lending requirements and a specialized lender is needed that's where I come in, we are providers of innovative and creative financing solutions for a unique market niche and borrower.

Our concentration is on small commercial loans from $100,000 through $1,000,000 

 The borrowers that fit our lending profile typically do not qualify with traditional financing sources.

Due to lack of income documentation, credit issues, property type, non-seasoned properties and subordinate debt.

We provide funding for:


Rate/Term Refinances

Cash-out Refinances

Non-seasoned Properties

Gift of Equity

Blanket Mortgages

Land Contract purchases

With the exception of land, Churches, temples etc and rehab/construction, We will consider financing all types of income producing properties.




We classify properties into four categories called Tiers

Tire1-multi family (5+units) and mixed use.

Tire2-warehouse, office, retail

Tire3-industrial, automotive

Trie4-special purchase properties which include, but are not limited to, hotel/motels, bars/restaurants, boarding house, funeral homes, camp grounds, flea markets, self storage facilities, mobile home parks, bowling alleys and car washes.

Credit scores as low as 575 on tier 1,2 properties, for most all other properties the borrower can qualify with a credit score down to 600

Loan terms are 15 years, with amortization of 15 years; amortization of 20 to 30 years is available to tier1 properties.


The pre-approval is easy I will need from you the following

A completed application form 1003 on all principal buyers

A Tri-merge credit report on all principal buyers or owners at a cost of $12.50 per individual.

Click here for the secured 1003 online application

Curtis Ross as Broker
Direct Mortgage Corp
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