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Avoid Foreclosure!
Loan Critieria and Overview
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This information is provided for brokers, and consultants only and is not to be distributed to consumers.

* Property must have at least 30% equity to qualify.(Maximum LTV 70%)
* We can lend on credit scores under 500
* before sending in the loan app client must fill out the pre-qualifying app
* The cost to property owner is a credit app fee of $15, paid upon submission of this secured loan app
* Once approved the client will also cover the cost of a new appraisal.
* We will require our own valuation with interior pictures, we are not concerned with D/Is or credit scores.
Note: you can find an example on the Criteria on the brokers page  User Name= foreclosure, Password = loans.

All you have to do is fill out a referral agreement, send ot to us at ,or fax to: 843-302-2063, and we do the rest. We handle ALL contact and documentation from then on with the client, close it, and send you a check.

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